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W. T. Butcher & Associates, Ltd. specializes in retrieving public record documentation from federal, state and local agencies and courts. Dina Butcher’s years of experience lobbying the legislature and working in state government agencies enables her to cut through red tape to expeditiously locate information and resources. Because of his years of court research and investigative experience, Bill Butcher is an expert at accurately and efficiently reviewing court cases and agency files for the purpose of effectively extracting critical information for clients. We are the people on the ground who actually “look it up” and provide just what the client needs to achieve his or her purpose.

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By working closely with county recorders and other officials, W. T. Butcher & Associates, Ltd. provides assistance to the real estate finance industry nationwide for home equity, refinance and purchase money mortgages. We are not abstractors; however, we can provide clients with accurate updated tax information and title documentation, and we record documents in a timely manner. These services are offered in all counties in North Dakota and in Clay County, Minnesota. Delivery of deeds, mortgages, assignments and other property related documents and information is provided within 24 to 48 hours by facsimile or e-mail.

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